Advantages of collaborative teaching learning

Example ( A Physics Teacher Teach independently ( X No ) students and he/she Teach in association with 5 teachers each of other subjects who are also teaching ( Y No) students

[5 chemistry teachers, 5 maths 5 biology teachers, 5 computer teachers and 5 english teachers])

Case A: Independent Teaching

Number of Students Physics Teacher teach at present (X No)

Fees collected

Total Fees collection

Case B: Teaching in Collaboration

Number of other teachers per subject in collaboration (N)

Average number of students per teacher (Y)

No of other subjects you can collaborate

Subject 1: Probable No of students (e.g. Chemistry)

Subject 2: Probable No of students (e.g. Maths)

Subject 3: Probable No of students (e.g. Biology)

Subject 4: Probable No of students (e.g. Computer)

Subject 5: Probable No of students (e.g. English)

Total number of additional students Physics Teacher can connect additionally

Number of students can increase up to

% of increase in number

Mobile Number(with country code)
Remark if any