Feature [SHTL] [TTL]
Can have eye contact. Yes Yes
Can ask doubt. Yes Yes
Can rewind the lectures and learn many times. Yes No
Student can do adaptive learning and can generate Adaptive Test. Yes No
Teacher can generate graded assignment for each student. Yes No
Teacher can generate assignments of various levels. Yes No
Parents can Generate question Paper. Yes No
Principal/co-ordinator can generate question paper. Yes No
A personal Tutor for 24x7. Yes Yes
National Ranking for various exams (Eg. NEET/JEE/NET etc). Yes No
Can identify the grey area of each student. Yes Limited
Can identify the grey area of teacher. Yes Limited
Teacher can do lesson planning based on national level analysis of concepts where maximum students face problem. Yes No
Teacher can conduct remedial classes as per analysis report. Yes Limited
Differentiated Teaching. (e.g. Teacher can invite bright/average or below average students separately). Yes Limited
Traveling time for student and teacher can be saved. Yes No
Teacher can mute one/multiple students during class. Yes No
Disturbance from other students during class. No Yes
Access to web resources mapped to specific syllabus. Yes Yes
Students can share white board for interacting with classmates for doubt/discussion from home. Yes No
Freedom from carrying heavy text books and reference books. Yes No
Well organized Study content. (Chapter wise, Unit wise & lecture wise). Yes Limited
Easy Communication within the various stake-holders. Yes Limited
Study content is secured. (Permission based Print and download). Yes No
Test on demand. Yes Limited
Video Lecture on demand. Yes No
Earning from Question papers and assignments. Yes No
Subjective paper evaluation by subject experts having experience in Board evaluation. Yes Limited
Learning outcome can be measured easily. Yes Limited
Topper’s answer sheets (present and past) can be shared with other students. Yes Limited
Teachers can easily invite students who were absent for the revision class at the end of the year. Yes Limited
Teacher can keep track of remedial/doubt/regular/competitive classes conducted. Yes Limited
Instant performance report during parents visit. Yes No
Teacher can share board work with students. Yes No
Teachers working for the same Board/Universities, through collaborative work can share resources and reduce repetitive work. Yes No