An open invitation letter to Principals of all Progressive Institutions of the World. Core-banking made our life easy. Why not core-academics for collaborative learning?

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Greetings !

We are couple teachers. Mr. Sunil P G and Mrs. Beena Sunil, Founders of Studyvita: an advanced multi-featured Hybrid Teaching-Learning Platform.

We are engaged in teaching and technology integration in education.

We started our Journey before 2 decades. During this period we worked with students of various boards and universities and also trained students for various competitive examinations.

After 20 years of Academic and Technological Research, coupled with hand on experience, we have developed ‘STUDYVITA’ (FASSS-Faculty Aided Student Support System), a completely Dynamic, Adaptive and Diagnostic Learning Platform. Studyvita, aims to enable the collaborative participation of institutions, to achieve the following:

  1. To act as an embedded system for collecting, storing and exchanging knowledge and learning within the organization and from the external environment and larger learning ecosystems.
  2. To develop and share a student centered vision, so that all type of students get personalized learning support.
  3. To create and support continuous learning opportunities for all teachers.
  4. To promote team learning and collaboration among all teachers and students.
  5. To establish a culture of inquiry, innovation and self-exploration.

In short, Studyvita has the capacity to adapt to any learning requirement of students and faculty for any of the academic domains, and ultimately equip them with the knowledge and skill they need to succeed in an uncertain, constantly changing tomorrow, so that institution’s goal of excellence can be achieved.

Studyvita as a Collaborative Tool.

This collaborative tool will help in Crowd Resourcing of content. Teachers who are working under the same board/universities, following the same curriculum and syllabus, can contribute in crowd resourcing of the content. A central pool of such content can be shared among colleagues which can reduce repetitive work. This core-academic system has several tools for addressing the pain points of different stakeholders of education. Its centralized correction wizard can ensure error free study content.

Salient features of Studyvita

Studyvita as a support system.

Studyvita is an advanced educational support system that empowers the educational institutions to bring out the best in students and academicians by acting as a tool for Identifying the Learning Gaps, Teaching Gaps, and helps to rectify it. A multi-feature online platform that seeks to monitor academic progress, provide curriculum based assignments, centralized curriculum management and much more across the educational institutions at most affordable price. It’s “WWW (World Wide Web) as Win Win Win in Education” policy helps to reduce operational expenses, improve result, image, merit and revenue.

We invite you to be a part of this collaborative effort.

“Individually we are a drop, but together we are an ocean”

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Sunil P G & Beena Sunil

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