Studyvita- An All in One Support System for Teachers


Diagnostic and Adaptive Learning Platform

Teachers are now empowered with an Advanced Dynamic Diagnostic and Adaptive Learning Platform to give the best out of their knowledge and hard work by reaching out to students beyond the geographical boundaries. FASSS-Faculty Aided Student Support System has been designed and developed after 20 years of Academic and Technological Research by teachers having hand on experience in teaching and technology integration. The best Hybrid Teaching/Learning Tools are now available at your fingertips for your use, in your institution & home, any time anywhere.

No more repetition of work

A major amount of teacher’s time is engaged in repetitive clerical work. Teachers who are working for the same Board/Universities, through collaborative work, can share the resources through this coreacademic collaborative platform and can reduce the repetitive work.

Support for knowledge Enhancement

Enough knowledge enhancement facilities are available in the platform.

Flexibility of Timing

Teachers have the freedom to work at own time and own place.


Online question paper generator and Document Manager is a boon to teachers.
It saves a lot of time. They can create their own question bank simply by uploading questions in word format. Teachers need to enter the questions and answers in a word table which will support equations, symbols, images, etc. They do not require any specific training for the same. It is a one time job. Digitalization is the responsibility of Studyvita. Teacher can decide whether the uploaded materials to be shared with the Studyvita or keep them private. Later they can generate question papers sitting anywhere quickly by random generation or by handpicking the questions of their choice from Studyvita question bank, from their own private question bank or picking directly from E-Book and E-Worksheets which they subscribed or by mixing all. Teachers can generate question papers/assignments in the pre-defined format with institution logo.

Diagnostic Test Engine

When teachers teach in the traditional way, different students assimilate the knowledge they deliver, in different ways. Once the chapter is over, they can take a Diagnostic Test using Diagnostic Test platform. It will map the micro concept gaps (Grey Areas) of every student and report them. Further the inbuilt Grey Area Support System (GASS) helps students to overcome the grey areas. When teacher process the result, the platform gives rank list and difficulty level analysis report instantly so that teacher can arrange remedial classes for the topics/questions where maximum students have committed mistakes.

Personalized teaching.

Adaptive Test Engine helps teacher to create a separate assignment for every child as per his/her level with the click of a button. What teacher need to do is, select your class, select the chapter, select number of questions and select the submission date. The work is over. Studyvita platform will generate different assignments for all students according to their level. It is advisable to take adaptive test after a diagnostic test for a chapter so that questions will be graded as per the students’ understanding level.

Centralized correction wizard

Ensure that error free materials are provided to the students. (Teacher need to do the correction at one place only. It will automatically reflect in all the student’s account)

Studyvita Planner

Studyvita Planner tool helps to make Annual, Monthely Weekly and Day planing in an organized way.

Centralized course progress tracker

Helps to track the course progress, and as per the requirement you can add or delete the periods. Additional classes can be planned if required.

Teachers can become really smart in classroom.

The ready made/custom made assignments and teaching tools and web resources as per specific syllabus help teacher to save a lot of time rather than spending time to create them.

Judicious use of technology

Technology cannot replace a Teacher. However, a teacher who does not adopt technology will be replaced by the one who does it. Hence this is a platform which enables the teacher to use the technology in a judicious manner in the teaching learning process with personalization.

Teacher can become an author

Study materials (Assignment/worksheet, Sample question paper, A Book, Video Lectures, Test Series, a course you created, etc.) created by teacher can be sold as a whole or in part to your colleagues or students across the globe through Edu-Shoppe and you can earn a handsome royalty for your effort.

Become an Online Tutor/Mentor

Teacher can create own courses as per the subject expertise and skill. (If required, courses can be customized as unit-wise, chapter-wise etc) Courses can be of academic or even non academic.

True differentiated teaching/learning is now possible

Each student is different in their learning pace, IQ etc. We require different type of approach for teaching different levels of students. Now instead of a mixed group of students with different IQs, teacher will have the choice to invite a particular level of students (for example 80%+ level of students only, for particular class and can have a different approach compared to those students who are 50% and below level). Teachers can Schedule virtual classes as per their convenience and invite students from across the globe. Students can also reach out to teachers for one to one support for their doubts for the questions, each teacher have framed and uploaded personally. Teacher can decide the charges for one to one or one-to many live lectures within the permissible limit set by studyvita which is decided based on various parameters. More quality questions a teacher upload and share, more students will demand their support. Teacher can schedule Regular Classes, Remedial classes or Score Booster Classes as per the requirement. Once the teacher share the questions/documents/video lecture/animation/ppt, etc with coreacademics, we do a repetition check. If the work is found to be original, it will be send to the subject experts for quality check. Once they accept your work, then your work will be added to the study vita question bank and media library.

Communication made easy

The coreacademics messenger app helps you to communicate with students and parents easily. It is free if teacher, students and their parents install the app in a smart phone (Android). Through Studyvita platform you can send notifications regarding test schedules, results, assignment submissions, etc. as well as common notifications to your class.

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