The need and benefits of a core-academic platform with Centralized Correction Wizard.

 Studyvita Centralized Correction Wizard & Edu-Shoppe; A Step towards providing error free content to Students, Teachers and also to reward authors and teachers for their authentic work.

In last 25 years of my teaching career, I came across 5 syllabus changes in various boards. What I found was, only the shifting of content/topics from one standard to another. The anticipated improvements were not observed and moreover, some of important concepts were missing in the new syllabus. Some of the errors were repeated even when syllabus was changed and when the books were reprinted or revised year after year.

Whom to be blamed? What is the solution? This led me to think on the line of creating a core academic platform with an embedded centralized correction wizard which can provide error free content to the students and teachers. End result is Studyvita Centralized Correction Wizard.

How does it works?
Studyvita is a core academic collaborative platform where teachers can create any kind of course of their choice for any board, competitive exam or university course using custom course builder. Once the course is created, teachers can upload their own original content and create a resource library. Teachers can upload various types of resources like Documents, PPT, PDF, Video Lectures, Sound files, Toppers answer sheets, Previous Board Papers, Competitive Papers, Test papers, Web Links, Lesson Plans, and Magazine Links.

Studyvita is already having more than 1,20,000 questions and large amount of content in its central repository. Faculty members can also store the web links and other internet resources mapped to their syllabus and can retrieve as per the need instantly. They have the freedom to keep their resources as private or shared with Studyvita, a group, colleagues etc. Studyvita also help teachers to create question bank from the uploaded materials. Studyvita Central knowledge repository is a collection of shared contents, with a central pool of knowledge resources including all types of media which can be used by all the Studyvita users. This kind of collaboration can reduce the work load drastically.  If we count there are 200 teachers teaching a particular syllabus and if each of them contribute 10 quality questions each in a chapter, then it becomes 2000 questions in a chapter. If we rule out the repetitions (which we assume 50%) still our question bank will have around 1000 questions in a chapter. Studyvita has a mechanism to remove the repetitive questions from each chapter. If any error or mistake is reported by any of the user, such content will be discussed within the subject discussion forum and subject expert forum without disclosing the name of the author. Then using the centralized correction wizard correction is made at one place which will be reflecting in all the students and teachers account immediately. This ensure the constant up gradation of the content and platform becomes error free.

Advantages to Authors/Teachers.
Teachers can place their original content in Studyvita Edu-Shoppe. Once quality check is done and accepted Teachers and authors to get royalty for every subscription. No need to create all the content themselves. They can also subscribe quality study materials developed by others from Edu-Shoppe. Further online question paper generator helps them to generate question papers from different sources like their own private library, Studyvita Question Bank, Subscribed E-Books, E-worksheets etc. It helps them to save a lot of time because no need of re-typing, formatting etc. Such Online generated and subscribed questions papers can also be distributed to the students using Secured Content Delivery Platform and students can submit the assignment online/offline.

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