Salient Features

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An advanced educational support system that empowers the educational institutions to bring out the best in students and academicians by acting as a tool for Identifying the Learning Gaps, Teaching Gaps, and helps to rectify it. A multi-feature online platform that seeks to monitor academic progress, provide curriculum based assignments, centralized curriculum management and much more across the educational institutions at most affordable price. It's "WWW (World Wide Web) as Win Win Win in Education" policy helps to reduce operational expenses, improve result, image, merit and revenue.

Secured Content Delivery


Complete control over access to data.

Download & Print access control

Multi format ( ppt, text, audio & video) Data sharing


Save time in content sharing.

Save cost in content sharing.

Increase productivity

Diagnostic Test Engine


Identify individual weak spots in each student.

Identify improvement area for individual student.


Able to give 1-on-1 feedback to each individual student.

Monitor and effect continuous improvement in student.

Adaptive Learning Platform


Adapt your teaching to each individual's needs.

Create Personalized assignment for each student.

Work on the weak spots of each student individually.


Evaluate & monitor each student according to their level of understanding.

Add a Personalized touch to your teaching.

Create customized remedies for each individual student.

Online Question Paper Generator


Create a full mark paper in less than 10 minutes.

Mix-n-Match between objective & descriptive questions.


Save time & energy

Save Cost of question paper setting.

Academic Planner


Plan and announce tests & Notify students at the click of a button.

Plan & announce weekly schedules.

Plan & announce subject wise yearly plans.


Automate & Solve all your scheduling issues.

Vast Question Bank for higher secondary science stream


Over 300 hours of video content.

Over 50000 questions.

Comprehensive study material.


Save time in preparation of study material.

Save cost in preparation of study material.

Sast variety of question to test students with.

Secure Communications Platform


Make announcements straight to the cellphone at the click of a button.

Mobile numbers undisclosed .

Avoid Mass conversations and maintain streamlined flow of information.


Important announcements made directly to parents.

Secure, controlled communication to avoid misinformation.

Save cost & time of communicating with each individual parent.

Online Test Engine


Solutions can be viewed instantly.

Save time for traveling.

Know your strength and weakness.


Instant result

Test can be conducted at institution or home.

Instant diagnostic reports.