Welcome to studyvita.com

A Social Edupreneurial Initiative, Studyvita, is a comprehensive online learning platform, equipped with advanced educational support system that empowers teachers and educational institutions bring out the best in each student. It does this by acting as a tool for Identifying Learning Gaps, Teaching Gaps and helping to rectify these. 

Studyvita is an all-inclusive teaching-learning platform where any kind of course (academic and even non-academic) can be created, delivered and effectively implemented by any individual/Faculty/Institutions with its built-in comprehensive LMS (learning management system) support. The unique Edu-Shoppe feature of Studyvita allows teachers/faculty to sell their own original educational support materials. Already equipped with a large number of courses, Studyvita has on its panel, many reputed Faculties from different subject areas.

Studyvita draws its inspiration from Dr. Abdul Kalam and is dedicated to his vision. It aims to recognize and empower every teacher's mission to glorify this entire world by helping students blossom as successful global citizens.

We heartily welcome you to be a part of this movement.