Vision & Mission


To be a nationally and internationally renowned (State of the art) Technology-Enabled Comprehensive Online Teaching-Learning Platform facilitating an empowering and enriching educational experience through a range of inbuilt personalized learning support systems and tools, ensuring enduring understanding and well-aligned with the needs of learners, teachers, parents, authors, publishing houses, educational institutions and organizations;

To be the ONE STOP “WIN-WIN” POINT for all stake holders in the Learning & Development domain, making a positive difference to the nation and world at large.


To provide high-quality, stress-free, effective and empowering personalized learning experience to all our learners at an extremely affordable price. (say, less than the amount spent on tea per day)

To celebrate and empower the teaching community by helping them share their expertise and original creations (courses, learning support materials) with large number of students, ensuring flexibility in working hours and optimal opportunity for earning.

To assist educational institutions in introducing and implementing transparent, effective, progressive and comprehensive learning management system by partnering with them; to actively help them in reducing costs and achieving enhanced levels of revenue, results and academic excellence.

To galvanize the collective efforts of all educators, researchers, authors and publishing houses so as to create/share a rich archive of contents and learning resources for diverse areas of learning.

To assist NGOs, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations in all their internal and external Learning & Development initiatives.

To strengthen the efforts of government and international agencies in making education accessible and affordable through short and long term projects.

To partner with Civil Societies, Individual Philanthropists and Philanthropic Organizations/Foundations and strengthen their efforts focused on education and development through our existing services and new projects/products/services.

To leverage on technology (as a great democratizing agent)so as to make education accessible and affordable for all, thus making a positive difference to the nation and world at large.