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Any individual can create and start teaching academic or non academic courses on STUDYVITA’S Global Holistic Academy without initial investment. Income sharing applicable when students are charged. 


Global Holistic Academy Educators can become Studyvita Mentors. You can be a teacher to your subject and a mentor to other subjects and skill development. You can get an official Studyvita Mentorship Digital Card for Rs. 999/-


Become a Better India Better World (A project Initiated by Studyvita) ambassador; recommend Webinars, Virtual Classes and Earn. No upfront charges. If you have minimum computer knowledge, you can become a Star Mentor. 


Better India Better World Ambassadors can become a Star Mentor and recommend  courses by just getting a Star Mentor Card for Rs 999/-. We welcome Star mentors also to become Faculty in Global Holistic Academy and become Studyvita Mentor.


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