Better India Better World is an initiative started by Studyvita. Developing countries like India cannot expect all the development and charity activities from government alone. This is our humble initiative to bring the participation every citizen in nation building, creating awareness about Environmental conservation and to implement various programs in associations with Governments, NGOs, Schools, Colleges and other organizations.

Let's help Each other. Any one can provide help or seek help

In this video trainer demonstrate how we are defeating each other. Now let's think the other side. What will happen if we help each other. In a way we all are needy. No one is independent. Then why don't we start helping each other. Who is stopping us to help the needy? What goes around comes around. If we help others during their need, we too can expect to get help during our need. One is rich doesn't mean he/she is independent. Last year flood in Kerala taught us an important lesson. Rich people who complained about state road condition that was not fit for their luxurious impoted cars were trapped in the unexpected flood. They took shelter at third floor of their bunglow only to watch nature's furious flood taking away their luxurious cars. After four days of teaching, Nature released them by sending the poor fishermen (with rich heart) whom they had insulted for their bad smell earlier. Friends, If 100 crores of healthy Indians decide to help each other; within a short time period what a beautiful Nation can be built? Why are we expecting every thing from Govt? Why are we outsourcing our responsibility to Govt? It is time for every citizen to support Govt in nation building.