Better India Better World is an initiative started by Studyvita. Developing countries like India cannot expect all the development and charity activities from government alone. This is our humble initiative to bring the participation every citizen in nation building, creating awareness about Environmental conservation and to implement various programs in associations with Governments, NGOs, Schools, Colleges and other organizations.

Experts complain that nearly 85% of the students are not employable. There is huge mismatch between the skills needed by the industry and what skills the candidates have to offer. Students should be provided with opportunities to acquire skills from their school days and cannot be done in a crash course for a few months.

Studyvita is ready with a platform to identify the hidden skills of the kids right from the smaller classes and nurture it. The platform can be used by the students at school or home under the able guidance and supervision of the domain experts to acquire 21st century skills and reap the demographic dividends for India.

We have set out on an ambitious project to identify and honor the domain experts and bring them onto one central pool. This survey is an effort to seek recommendations from people like you to identify the domain experts. Please nominate one domain expert whom you know can contribute to this nation building activity. You may nominate yourselves also, we may require testimonials from a school or college principal. The domain experts may offer their service using studyvita platform to train the students for a fee or at no cost.