Anyone can Teach, Learn and Earn

About Better India Better World Ambassador Program

Why to become an ambassador?

What is certain is future is uncertain. Are you prepared to address such an unexpected phase in your life? Hence, apart from the primary source of income through your regular job or business, it is always advisable to have a second source of income. Studyvita Ambassador program is designed to support every individual to earn as per their availability of time, involvement and network.

Better India Better World ambassador program is an initiative started by studyvita for sharing knowledge, skill, expertise or talent for free or for a charge among the citizens.

Every individual is blessed with a unique talent. Currently those talents are restricted only to a niche.

Let’s give wings to those talents; the power of social media so that it can reach to thousands of needy citizens. In the process you are not only serving the country but will be earning too. Studyvita, the hybrid teaching learning and earning platform is designed to help every citizen to productively utilize the inherent talent to the masses and earning too.

It is  a platform for any one to Teach, Learn, and Earn irrespective of their age. You can engage in teaching learning process of academic, nonacademic or skill enrichment.

We have different ambassador programs as per the requirement of every Individual. The major programs are Student Ambassador, Parent Ambassador, Teacher Ambassador, Faculty Ambassador, Digital Ambassador and Campus Ambassador. Let’s Teach, Let’s Learn, and Let’s Earn.

Benefits to Ambassadors

  • No investment needed to start with promoting various Better India Better world programs among the community and earn. You just need to register 10 friends or relatives using your unique link which will be beneficial to them too.
  • You need minimum initial investment (Rs. 10,000) only if you too want to start a personal virtual academy on studyvita.
  • You can start sharing your knowledge, skill, expertise or talent to other citizen across the country/globe and earn handsome return.
  • You can be a part of the nation development.
  • You can use your spare time productively.
  • You can always remain in tough with your friends, colleagues, ex students etc.
  • You can engage them from any where the world through Interactive platform.
  • It saves a lot of time, energy and expense. 

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In this digital era, it is time to use your network for your own benefit as well as others benefit. Be a part of Quizinga Ambassador program and start earning.