Better India Better World is an initiative started by Studyvita. Developing countries like India cannot expect all the development and charity activities from government alone. This is our humble initiative to bring the participation every citizen in nation building, creating awareness about Environmental conservation and to implement various programs in associations with Governments, NGOs, Schools, Colleges and other organizations.

Children's Welfare Awareness Program

If we love our Children, Let's Conserve our Environment so that their Children also can live in this lovely Planet.

  • Old generation cannot expect new generation to walk their path.
  • Let’s be realistic. World is changing fast.
  • New generation knows Better about what is good for their future than us.
  • A pat at the back can boost children’s confidence.
  • Never underestimate any child.
  • Never blame a teacher or school in front of a child.
  • Children get distracted mainly due to lack of motivation. If we don’t encourage, it’s ok, but don’t demotivate or scold infront of their friends.
  • We gave them birth, not after taking a permission from them.
  • They have their own identity.
  • Parents or elders can advice them.
  • But we do not have any rights on their rights.
  • Childhood of present generation is different from the past.
  • There is a gap of 30-40 years between our time and their time.
  • Teachers and elders cannot expect the present generation to behave how we behaved at their age.
  • We were less fortunate to have all gadgets, internet and google during our time.
  • New generation is fortunate to have all of them.
  • Then how can we be so selfish and expect them to stop their path and walk our path?

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Prevention is better than cure. If today it is Delhi, Tomorrow it will be in whole India and whole world. Let's collaborate to reduce pollution, plastic and garbage menace