Experience: Teaching: 22 Years,Technology Integration in Education: 19 Years

A committed and passionate academician, Mr. Sunil. P G, has been one of the most influential thinkers on the Indian Edu-Scape for over two decades. As a teacher of biology, he helped hundreds of students realize their dreams of “becoming a doctor” by his innovative and learner-friendly pedagogical practices. He had worked in reputed institutions such as Mithapur Higher Secondary School (Tata Chemicals Ltd) and Sree Narayana Guru Vidyalaya, Jodhpur Tekra, Ahmedabad. His long and intense journey as an educator helped him develop an uncanny ability to see where the teaching-learning gaps lie and how they adversely affect the “results” and more importantly the dreams and lives of students. He vowed to do something significant in this regard and this led him to become the Founder Director of Edutech Educational Services Pvt Ltd. He helped hundreds of students, year after year, reach their goals; his unflagging efforts and passion helped EDUTECH emerge as an Educational Landmark in India; he made the teaching-learning process extremely learner-friendly, engaging and empowering by integrating technology; thus he arrived at the concept of Hybrid Learning, an approach that combines the best of traditional and technology aided teaching-learning practices. He worked on this concept to create a fabulously comprehensive learning platform called Studyvita which has unique features such as FASSS (Faculty Aided Student Support System), GASS (Grey Area Support System ) , Edu-Shoppe etc., Actively supported in this endeavour by his wife Beena Sunil, also an equally passionate and committed educator, Sunil earnestly believes that Studyvita can be the ONE-STOP POINT for all the challenges that we face in education today. He is also the author of Winners Craze Educational CDs and was also Visiting Faculty in Career Line Education Foundation, Ahmedabad


Experience: Teaching: 20 Years,Technology Integration in Education: 19 Years

Very few educators have the gift of making the most complex concept/theme look absurdly simple and easy! Mrs. Beena Sunil is one such educator. With her empathetic and innovative approach backed by excellent linguistic skills in four languages (English, Hindi, Gujarati & Malayalam) she has been a wonderfully successful educator for over 20 years. Her impactful stints at reputed institutions such as Govt. College, Kasargod, Kerala, Mithapur Higher Secondary School (Tata Chemicals Ltd), Nelson School Maninagar, Sree Narayana Guru Vidyalaya, Jodhpur Tekra, Ahmedabad, ASIA School, Ahmedabad and Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad are still fondly remembered by the respective institutional heads, her loyal band of students and colleagues . She shares the passion for technology-integration with her husband Sunil and is an expert in developing educational software using multimedia and database technology. As a Co-Founder-Director of Eductech Educational Services Pvt Ltd, she has contributed significantly in the creation of Studyvita, the comprehensive online teaching-learning platform. She is also the co-author of Winners Craze Educational CDs and was also Visiting Faculty in Career Line Education Foundation, Ahmedabad.


MA. Eng, M.A Hist., M. Phil. Eng., M.Ed, PGCTE, DCA, Cert in French
Director (International Curricula and Teacher Education) Global Holistic Academy

Prof. M. Ramachandiran is an active International Educator for the past 03 decades. He has travelled far and wide across the world on his profession or otherwise. He has held various portfolios beginning from a Teacher of English through Professor of English, Head of the Department, Academic Director, IBDP Coordinator, Centre Head, Visiting Professor, Academic Principal. He had been active member of Curriculum Development for MA in Education for Sheffield and Hallam University, London, and BA in Education , Roehampton University , London, Kula lumpur Campus in Fairview International School, Had been an English Examiner for Trinity College , London. Currently, English A Examiner of IBDP, Switzerland ever since 2005. He had been a resource person for IGNOU, New Delhi in Pondicherry Centre. He had conducted State level Symposium on modern pedagogy in a Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University affiliated college. Additionally, he had conducted several Professional Development Programmes for International Educators in different countries . His brief specializations include: English Language and Literature, English Language Teaching, Modern pedagogy vs Traditional pedagogy, Indian History, English Linguistics, Indian Poetry in English, African Writings in English, American English Literature, Teacher Education and Curriculum Development. The SchoolCurricula he got exposed to are : CBSE, IBDP, IBMYP, IBPYP, IGCSE, O Level, GCE, AP, WACE and National Curriculum of Sultanate of Oman and Eritrea. As a member of the Board of Directors, he is an asset to the organization.


Prof. Dr. K. Ramakrishna is an accomplished and proven scholar in the advanced field of Chemistry in India. He taught at University level for 26 years, with post-doctoral experience for 5 years and many more such experiences to reinforce his academic excellence. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry and guided 30 scholars to get their Ph.D., and M.Phil. degrees. In addition, he has several research papers published across the world in reputed journals and magazines, to his credit.

He is also recognized for his contribution in Curriculum Design and Development of new courses that are ranging from B.Sc. Hons, through M.Sc. Chemistry and Computational Chemistry laboratory course. He has been imparting education for more than three decades to students, scholars and others from industry in general. He is a Recipient of RESEARCH AWARD by UGC in 2004. GITAM University honoured him with the best Researcher Award in 2015. There are many more recognitions and awards in his field. His portfolios include: Officer-On- Special Deputy to the Vice-Chancellor, Professor and Head of Chemistry, Chairman, BOS, Dept. of Chemistry, Training and Placement Officer, and so on. His memberships in Scientific Associations, to mention a few: Indian science congress, Indian council of chemists, Indian chemical society, Indian Association of Nuclear Chemists & Allied scientists, Indian Society for Surface Science and technology, International Congress of Chemistry and Environment, Indore and many more. As a remarkable scholar and reputed person in the academic world, his contributions will bring in a lot of growth in Studyvita. The Studyvita Management is very much pleased to welcome him on board as the Director of Academics.


Experience: 36 Years in corporate tranning and consultancy

Narayanan is an experienced Business Transformation Consultant and trainer, with experience of more than 35 years in a wide variety of roles spanning the corporate and academic worlds. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He was also a certified external assessor for the Tata Group using the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria (MBNQA).Narayanan has an excellent track record of consulting interventions, training excellence, and organizational excellence assessment.Between 2012 and 2016, he was Global Head of Business Excellence at TCS, with the responsibilities to embed Business Excellence into all aspects of TCS’ operations. Prior to that, he was part of TCS’ Global Consulting Practice (GCP), as Head of the ERP Transformation Consulting Group. He has had extensive international exposure through his stint in the US for 6 years as Business Analyst and Programme Manager, and through numerous engagements as part of GCP

Mohan is a Passionate Educational Manager with 25 years of leadership experience in starting and scaling Skills Training Operations; Strategic Manager skilled in building the vision for the organisations; leading, developing, and delivering plans to meet the business and operational objectives; Effective Educational Manager ensuring quality and timely delivery, and enhanced student employability skills. Mohan has managed various educational institutions imparting education / training in areas like Information & Communication Technologies, Cabin Crew, Business Management, Product & Communication Design, Industrial Training, and K 12 Schools. Mohan has managed a large network of 100 plus training centres spread all over the Indian Sub-Continent. Mohan worked with reputed organisations like Anna University, National Institute of Urban Affairs, LMW, Aptech, Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, DJ Academy of Design, GKDITR, and has been an Advisor, member of the Management Committee of many schools and colleges.


Experience: 30 Years in Development Communications and Environment Education

An Educator and communicator specializing in the fields of development and environment.
Produces educational and motivational video programmes He had worked with prestigious institutions like National Institute of Design (NID), Educational Electronic Media Research Centre (EMMRC) and Developmental & Educational Communication Unit of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).He is one of the three promoters and presently Director of ANALA OUTDOORS. Madhu has been recognized by the United Nations’ Universal Peace Federation as their Ambassador for Peace. He was recently awarded by CMS Vatavaran, New Delhi for his environmental concerns and endeavors at National Institute of Design. A PhD Scholar in Environment Communication, He holds a Masters degree in Developmental Communication, Post Graduate Programme in Environment & Ecology and Bachelors degree in Science.


Experience: 18 Years of Ayurvedic Practice

Dr Bhavdeep Ganatra is a very reputed practicing Ayurveda Doctor since 2009 based at Ahmedabad.Ayurveda is his passion & he is committed to spread it to all in a very authentic manner through treatment & awareness activities.He has been working for the Ayurveda Students advancement programs for last 10 years. He is part of the core team of all active Ayurveda organizations like WORLD AYURVEDA FOUNDATION, NASYA, AAO INTERNATIONAL & many more.Dr Bhavdeep Ganatra is very popular Healthcare Speaker. His lectures are frequently conducted in various well-known institutes and corporates on the theme oh HEALTH & HAPPINESS THROUGH AYURVEDA.He firmly believes that a student can fail to learn but a born teacher can never fail to teach the students in any circumstances.A person should become teacher only if he or she has teaching instincts. He has a dream to bring all such born teachers on a common platform.He believes that Teaching revolution is the only solution to create a better tomorrow.


Experience: 16 years IT Service and Product management

Umang is a technoprenure working in IT industry for last 16 years. He himself had worked in fortune 500 companies and had done Masters in Computer from University of Bridgeport. His core competency is Cloud technology and utilization of ML AI and Big data to enhance the product. He is co-founder of SoftvanLabs a software company focused on Cloud solutions based upon Microsoft Azure. He understands the technology to be enabler for fulfillment of product/business problems. He is fortunate to travel more than 20 countries and worked with different people with different part of the world. He was in USA for 11 years but 6 years back he moved to bridge the gap in practical educations. He had done corporate training and educational training for multiple Engineering and BCA/MCA students to make them ready for disruptive market. His study in different countries helped him to understand the core problems and solutions in education system.

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