educator's nep league

“Teaching is a profession that teaches all other professions”, so goes the adage. In our culture teachers are not just highly respected but actually worshipped. This is a remarkable testimony to the kind of influencers they are in the life of students, and the nation at large. Studyvita’s NEP Educators League recognizes the immense contribution of the teacher community and honours their selfless service through many programs that not only help them professionally but also financially.

We are glad to invite educators to collaborate and take optimum benefit of NEP League.  

Sunil P G 
Founder – CEO

Benefits to Educators

  • Faculty training program for excellence in as a teacher and as a JEE-NEET coach
  • Multiple Earning opportunities including Mentorship income
  • Teach in Studyvita’s Global Holistic Academy courses and earn
  • Avail the support of AI-enabled pedagogical tools for the better performance
  • Enrol the students and teachers to participate in the Free Puzzle-of-the-Day, Quiz-of-the-Day programs
  • Teach online without upfront payment
  • Start your own academy and avail support of Ambassadors for marketing
  • Enhance your reach, visibility and reputation by reaching a large number of students
  • Avail Franchisee options


Collaboration Between all the Stakeholders is Necessary for Molding a Global Successful Citizen

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