Collaboration is the life-blood of productivity. The more the synergy happens the more productive the cause gets Studyvita believes in, and greatly emphasizes on collaboration, to the extent that we call ourselves a collaborative platform. We have, by design, created an ecosystem that promotes and supports collaboration, more so for teachers. And this program by teachers and for teachers is aptly named as Teachers-for-Teachers.
Teachers-for-Teachers has 3 major subsets:
 Teachers-Teach-Teachers
 Teacher Mentorship
 My Teacher – My Inspiration
Teachers-Teach-Teachers: The major program is called as ‘Teachers-Teach-Teachers’ that is based on the age-old tradition of guru-shishya parampara where knowledge was transferred from the one senior guru to the junior. Studyvita conducts Faculty Training certified course for junior teachers (less than 5years
teaching exp.) in capacity building to help them become excellent board and JEE-NEET faculty. Senior teachers teach the juniors with the content and tools provided by Studyvita.

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