Studyvita is an indigenously developed, sophisticated state-of-art, global digital Teaching Learning aggregator that aims to create and nurture a global community of all educational stakeholders where the noble principles of education are cherished, equitable education is accessible, teachers are honored, and collaboration is appreciated and rewarded. It provides 51 AI-enabled Techno-pedagogy tools to create, deliver, and effectively implement any Academic, Non-Academic, Vocational skill based courses by individuals, faculty members or institutions. Edupreneurs and educational institutions can effectively run their own online schools and colleges using our comprehensive efficiency-enhancing administrative tool-set. You can also sell your original work like question papers, books, articles, etc., through Edu-Shoppe.

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Studyvita is a collaborative teaching learning and earning platform. It is developed for any citizen to teach, learn and earn! Every individual is blessed with a unique talent. However, currently in most cases, it remains dormant or are restricted to a niche. So, Studyvita helps the citizens to showcase their talents and wisdom (Academic/Skills) to the whole nation. You can start sharing your knowledge among the fellow citizens for a reasonable Fee. Sharing is caring..! You can seek help from Ambassador network for getting maximum registrations for your service from all over the world. Ambassadorship and Mentorship come with a remuneration which is a very transparent system. You too can be an Ambassador for other citizens / programs. Parents and college students too can become Ambassadors. What you need to do is find the useful courses/programs running on studyvita platform, create your private recommendation link and send to your contacts through social media. When your contacts pay for a program, your Ambassadorship/Mentorship fees will be credited to your account instantly. Your royalty for your programs, Ambassadorship and Mentorship income will be credited to your Bank Account on 20th to 25th of every month. Hence, your Studyvita account can become a Passport for your financial freedom. Join and contribute towards the nation building from today.
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Start without Upfront Payment

Use your Spare Time judiciously

No Need to Leave your Present Job

Sharing is Caring

Help your Contacts too to Earn through Your Knowledge

“What is certain is future is uncertain”  is what Corona taught us. Income from Job and Business may not be always stable.  Are you prepared to  face such an unexpected phase in your life? Hence, it is always better to have a second source of income.

Personalised Learning and Differentiated Teaching is now a Reality

Studyvita Supports the Full Learning Cycle Through our 21 st Century Holistic Techno Pedagogy

Empowering Educators is Empowering Nation

The Holistic Development of a Learner needs a Balanced Approach, Support and Monitoring

If Purpose of Education is to Mould Global Successful Citizens who can thrive any adversities and Lead a Successful life anywhere in the world, let's take educating the future generation as a Collaborative Responsibility of all the Stakeholders





Educators with Proven Track Record

India’s First AI Based Platform for Learning Gap Identification and Personalized Support


Separate Teachers



Studyvita Unique Benefits

Identify your weak areas

Practice with question bank of 4.5L Questions

Guidance by Topic Experts

Customised preparation plan for you

Mentorship and Coaching by Educators having proven Track Record

Let’s make Personalized Learning and Differentiated Teaching a Reality without altering the ongoing Traditional Education System. 
Thanks to 21st Century Techno-pedagogy Developed by Team Studyvita.

Are you also facing these problems?

Cannot identify weaker areas

Not able to practice enough

Not able to get doubts cleared

Not able to manage time

Third Eye Assessment is designed to solve all these problems and 6X your chance of cracking JEE-NEET or CUCET IN FIRST ATTEMPT

It is India's First Artificial Intelligence based Assessment that will identify your weak areas

Every teacher has different expertise. No single teacher can teach all chapters…

Topic Experts will clear your doubts at Studyvita

SECRET to success is in knowing WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW

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