Sunil P. G M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed, PGDCA
Founder: Studyvita Teaching Experience 30 Years.  Entrance Coaching and Mentoring: 20 Years. Ed-tech Experience: 24 Years

I am humbled to present the solutions team Studyvita built after 24 years of R&D under the umbrella project Better India, Better World.

It was way back in 1996; an idea stuck in my mind while using the internet for the first time. “How www (World Wide Web) can be used for a Win-Win-Win in Education” and to solve educational stakeholders’ and citizens’ pain points.

In this post-Corona era, a few burning issues that can be addressed using our tools and platforms are:

1. Parents and general citizens need support for a second income to cope with income loss due to the pandemic.

Let us use Studyvita tools and platforms judiciously to gain financial freedom for each citizen.
Educators are invited to develop high-quality programs on Studyvita. Let other citizens and parents benefit from your knowledge by recommending your programs and earning handsome ambassador fees.

A transparent process is in place. There is no shortage of domain expertise in India. However, they remain in a niche.

Due to the high cost of social media marketing and a lack of a platform to develop the programs, veterans and gifted citizens in different domains cannot encash their expertise.

2. Youth Development: Need of the Time

Educated youth are facing an unemployment crisis. I invite senior educators to develop youth leadership programs and guide them in the right direction.

Today, we are proud of being the largest country in the world with the youngest population. If we channel this youthful energy in the right direction, in 25 years, as PM Modiji said, India can become a developed country by 2047.

Alternatively, if we do not do it, after 50 years, India will become the largest country with the largest ailing population and an enormous liability. The choice is ours! Let us act now.

3. Knowledge gaps due to pandemics need to be identified and cemented.

The last three academic years were disturbed due to the pandemic, and learning gaps are more significant among all students. If learning gaps are not identified and cemented, students will also face problems in clearing competitive exams and in higher education.

The learning gaps will be unique for each student. However, there is no platform available to identify the learning gaps. Thanks to Team Studyvita for developing the Third Eye Learning Measurement Test Platform, which is dynamic and can be used for any syllabus.

A learning gap caused due to a pandemic cannot be rectified through a crash course. Continuous evaluation, support, monitoring, and re-tests are needed to cement the gaps. Studyvita EdFexy courses are designed for the same.

I request educators to start their EdFlexy programs during their spare time. I request general citizens to support educators by becoming Ambassadors and recommend students in grades 6 to 12 to join EdFlexy programs, which include webinars, weekly contests, competitions, puzzles, and many more.

I welcome educators and citizens of all walks of life to participate in this mission to create a Better India, Better World.

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