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Serve Better Earn Better
A Platform Developed by Educators for Mutual Growth
  • Collaborative Content Development, Curation & Correction
  • Centralized Content Library
  • Online Question Paper Generator
  • Edushoppe for Passive Income
  • Differentiated Assignment Generator
  • Differentiated Assignment Generator
  • Differentiated Teaching Learning Platform
  • Language ZONE for Teaching Indian and Foreign Language
  • Additional Income from Mentorship for other Subjects
  • Protected WhatsApp Groups With Admin Aproval for Mobile Learning
  • Be your own boss. Teach at your convenience, your preferable chapters
  • Improved Reputation, Recognition, work satisfaction and Income
  • Work less, Earn more, spent more time with family, relatives and friends


Serve Better Earn Better
PLATFORM CHARGE Rs. 999/- Per Month+ Subscription Charge Rs. 270/- Per Students Per Month
  • Support for Result & Admission Improvement
  • Support for Brand Improvement
  • Virtual Admission Desk
  • Income from Edushoppe
  • Publish own E-Books
  • Protected WhatsApp Group with Admin Approval for Mobile Learning
  • Appointment Manager for pre approved Parent's Meetting
  • Co Branding

Hybrid Teaching Tools

Integrate Virtual Conference Platform of Your Choice


Serve Better Earn Better
PLATFORM CHARGE Rs. 4500/- Per month+ Subscription Charge Rs. 270/- Per Student Per Month
  • Support for Result and Admission Improvement
  • Effective Governance Platform
  • Virtual Admission Desk
  • Proxy Management Platform
  • Virtual Meeting with Agenda, Minutes and Attendance Tracker
  • Appointment Manager
  • Effective Resource Management Tools
  • Co Branding

Special Schemes with Effective Governance modules available for Groups of Schools, Universities and Corporates. You can create courses of your choice. It can be of Academic, Non Academic, Skill Enrichment or for Corporate Training. For more information write to :

A School Support Cum After School Hybrid Support System for Holistic Development of Students




5 Stage Score Booster Test Series

Learning Deficiency Test only for Rs. 50 Per test.



Studyvita is a School Support Cum After School Support Platform.
So, there will be a collective effort on the learning management by all the stake holders, which will rapidly improve the result in the coming years.
Studyvita Supports KG to PG and Beyond.
It gives equal emphasis to academic and non-academic/ skill development and inherent talent development of a student.
An Online/Hybrid Academy for Alumina Skill Enrichment
The present formal education prepares an individual only for the first half of his life. Studyvita believes in lifelong learning. In the rapidly changing world, constant skill enrichment is necessary for everyone. Studyvita will help to provide domain experts for conducting any course to support your alumina.
A Virtual Alumina Get-together Platform
Your alumina may be located worldwide. Thanks to technology which has literally killed the distance. Studyvita Virtual Alumina Meet Platform can help your Alumina to Organize Virtual Alumina Meetings on regular interval, so that batch mates and school/college mates will remain in touch with the home institution.
Improvement in Staff and Student Productivity
Since most of the process flow is digitalized, the productivity of the staff will improve as there is no more repetitive work and clerical work will be considerably reduced. Overall improvement in result and reputation can be expected.
Reduce Your Expenses
Since most of the mode of knowledge delivery will be digitalized, it will considerably reduce the xerox expenses and can support in conservation of trees and mother earth.
Proxy Management Program
It can help you to get domain experts or subject experts who are willing to have special lecture during that time. Thereby, the time generally wasted can be productively used for children to gain extra knowledge and skills.
Teacher Knowledge Enrichment Programs
Teacher knowledge enrichment programs can be organised during after school hours without losing the productive teaching time.
Effective Governance Platform
Groups of schools/colleges/universities can centrally monitor all the academic and non-academic activities through Studyvita Effective Governance Platform.
The Virtual Meeting Platform
It has the provision to store the agenda and it can be used to conduct Teachers meeting, HOD meeting, Principals meetings etc which reduces the travel and man hours considerably.
Result and Admission Improvement Solutions
We understand that without good number of admissions, no institution can provide quality education to students. Hence our result and admission improvement hybrid solutions helps the institutions to get more number of admissions.
Appointment Manager
Trustee/Principal/Teachers can feed their free time and type of stakeholders who can visit in advance. Parents and other stakeholders can request for appointment as per the given schedule. You can accept or reject their request.