PROCESS FLOW for PARENTS (Academic Enrichment)

Your child was doing well till 10th. Is her/his performance suddenly declined? Is the confidence level decreased? What might be the reason? Do you think that it is due to the hectic schedule and increased work load and pressure from the school and coaching? Do you want to decrease the pressure and bring back the old smiling face again? If yes, please fill up the expression of interest and free registration today. We have a solution to bring your child’s performance and confidence back.

  • step1

    Fill up Expression of Interest form. We will Send you a link for enrollment in your Email after understanding the student's requirement. We have two types of courses. Regular and Flexi. In Regular course there will be fixed timetable and teachers will be selected by studyvita. In Flexi courses you can select teachers of your choice for learning each chapter. On enrollment you will be getting the log in credentials in your email.

  • step 2

    When you complete a Chapter through School / studyvita virtual class, tuition or Coaching, Schedule a Test on Demand. Student can schedule it themselves by selecting the subject, chapter(s) and date and time. This test is a Learning Deficiency Test.

  • step 3

    On Submission you will get a Diagnostic report, Stating  what are your Grey Concepts.

  • step 4

    Take help of Grey area Support System. You can use inbuilt Support system or can book a class with subject experts who authored the questions.

  • step 5

    Attend the Virtual Classes (1-1) session or 1to many virtual classes by making online payment. You can also use studyvita digital wallet for payment after online recharge.

  • step 6

    After attending the class and revision, Take personalized  retest made by studyvita. If you further make mistakes, a second retest will be developed for the remaining grey area.

  • step 7

    Once all the basic Concept of the chapter is clear, ask your ward to  practice Adaptive Learning. Now your ward will be getting questions with little higher difficulty level. Adaptive Tests are also Diagnostic in Nature. You can rectify the concept gaps with the help of Grey Area Support System.

  • Step 8

    Before Board and Competitive Examinations, Enroll for Third Eye Examination. Third Eye examination is designed exactly same as of Board or competitive examination where you get a feel of final Examination. Third Eye Examinations in studyvita are also Diagnostic in nature. (Descreptive and Objective Tests available)

  • step 9

    Your wards can also attend PUZZLE CONTEST and QUIZ CONTEST  on studyvita conducted by various faculty or institutions on studyvita. This will help in constant revision of the topics which you have already learned. If they show consistent progress they will be getting various prizes also.

  • Step 10 (Optional)

    Once your ward  have acquired sufficient knowledge, Studyvita chapter expert will certify them  as a student tutor.  They can start teaching  juniors or classmates for a Fee during spare time.  Parent's Permission letter required. Your accumulated share will be deposited to the account authorized by the parent. 

  • Step 11

    Enroll your wards for national competitions organized by studyvita or our associate organization. It will give you an idea about where your ward stand among the peer group.

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