Advantages of Studyvita Hybrid Teaching Learning Tools

For detailed explanation of various steps in process flow, please attend  FACULTY ORIENTATION WEBINARS. 

  • step1

    Register as a Faculty in Global Holistic Academy. Click on About Studyvita Button on Home page >>>> Select Global Holistic Academy Banner >>> Select Menu Registration>> Sub Menu>>> Faculty Registration. User ID and Password will reach to your registered email ID.

  • step 2

    Log in to your account. Update Profile with latest Photograph In professional attire.

    Create your professional webpage 

  • step 3

    Update your preference level of Board/Competitive Examination and Chapters. (From Update Profile Page)

  • step 4

    Participate in MCQ CONTEST. (Select MCQs from Studyvita question bank, reach to large number of students with your photo.  Students who make mistake can contact you.

  • step 5

    Participate in QUIZ CONTEST. It helps to reach to more students. Students will contact you for doubt.

  • step 6

    Participate and Recommend students in National Quizinga JEE-NEET. This platform help students to take test in all subjects as per their convenient day and time by just paying Rs. 50/-. (First Test is free) It helps the students to identify their grey areas and they can avail grey area support system to cement the grey areas.  This platform help you also to avail mentorship fees.

  • step 7

    Declare Free or paid Webinar/Virtual Classes.

  • Step 8

    Invite  Students who are already registered on Global Holistic Academy and your Students for free/paid classes.

  • step 9

    Start conducting Webinar/Virtual classes under EdFlexy Courses with a fee and start earning.

  • step 10

    Start Mentorship.  Studyvita helps you to identify the grey area of your students not only in your subject but other subjects also.  Support your students to improve in other subjects also by  recommending them to the best faculty already registered in studyvita and earn mentorship fees.

  • step 11

    Go to menu>>>> Mentor ship Program >>>>Sub Menu>>>> Request to activate Mentor ship Account

    Recommend other  Teachers' virtual classes and webinars and earn Mentorship Fees. Improve your  reach to students by seeking other teachers help to recommend your  classes among their students.

  • step 12

    When your income improves you can start your own Hybrid Learning/Online Academy.

  • step 13

    We work on income sharing basis. You needs to sign an agreement with Studyvita before you start your classes. Update your KYC. Your can also start teaching in Global Holistic Academy Regular Courses on Hourly Basis.

  • step 14

    Your share will be deposited between 20th and 25th of every month to your account.

For the smooth transition of a Transition of a Traditional Teacher to a Successful Teacher, Studyvita has developed several Hybrid Teaching Learning Tools.  We strongly suggest you to take training from the Certified Master Trainers or Certified Master Ambassadors. After Training and Certification, you too can Start Training the new Teachers under Train the Training Program. Interested Trainers having Minimum one Year Experience in online Training/Teaching can apply to become a Master Trainer/Master Ambassador. Sponsorship is available for the Selected Candidates.

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