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Instructions: below link is optimized for windows. Open this link in a laptop/desktop. The income calculator is for representation only. Studyvita reserve the right to increase or decrease  the rates of our services as per the requirements. Accordingly your earning also will be subjected to change

Ongoing and Upcoming Projects on Studyvita

  • Step 1

    You fill up the expression of interest form

  • Stept2

    You get an email contain the credentials of a free account of Better India Better World (an initiative of Studyvita)

  • step 3

    You request for a unique Referal link. (From Main Menu My Account, Sub Menu Request a referral Link) 

  • step4

    On approval, you can generate your unique referal code link from the  same page.

  • STEP 5

    That link can be sent to your friends for creating studyvita account.

  • step6

    From the approved Referral page you can also generate referral link for JEE NEET AND NTSE Third Eye Examination.

  • Step 7

    Students can take one test for free. Second test onwards the Rs. 50 will be deducted from their valet.

  • step 8

    Your Commission/incentive will be reflected in your account.

  • step 8

    The accumulated commission/incentive amount will be credited to your Bank account on every 25th of the month

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