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MCQ Contest is a Hybrid Teaching Learning Tool Developed by Studyvita as an effort to bring Personalized Learning and Differentiated Teaching a Reality without changing the existing System of Education. We welcome Experienced Educators to Join and Create Quality MCQ questions. Faculty members can upload own questions in Word format or can pick up the question from existing Studyvita Question Bank. Studyvita team will  make it into MCQ contest which students can access from their Mobile/Laptop using WhatsApp or other Social Media. If they make a mistake, they can contact author of the Question to Strengthen their Concept. The inbuilt Grey Area Support System (GASS) will help Students to clear their Concept from the Collaboratively Curated Contents. We Request Schools, Coaching Institutes and Faculty members to Advice your Students to avail this Service  free of Cost.

Over 2 Lac Questions, still growing...

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Advantages to Students

  • Access to MCQ Developed by a Pool of Expert Faculty
  • Refresh your Concepts daily without payment
  • Clear your doubts through expert faculty.
  • Access to Studyvita portal for free/paid Classes conducted by Expert Faculty members and Career Guidance.
  • Chance to get Prizes and Offers from Studyvita

Advantages to Faculty

  • Promote your Brand Across the Country
  • Increase Your Student Base Globally under your account in Studyvita.
  • Showcase your Domain Expertise.
  • High Return of Time invested through Paid Doubt Classes.

Advantages to Schools

Improvement of result without Additional Expenses.
  • Improved Branding and Reputation.
  • Students can attend the Free/ Paid Webinars organized by Reputed Faculty from across the Country.
  • This facility can be availed by individual students or for the whole Students of the School.
  • Schools too can participate in conducting MCQ Contest by Becoming an Associate School (We have different Schemes that fit to all Schools)
  • Students can attend MCQ contest directly from school website

Advantages to Insitutes

  • Promote your Brand across the country.
  • Increase your Student Base Globally under your account.
  • Improvement of result.
  • Improved reputation.
  • This facility can be availed by Individual Students or for the whole Students of the Institute.
  • Institute too can participate in conducting the MCQ contest by becoming an associate Institute. (We have different Schemes that fit to all types of Institutes).
  • High Return of Time invested through paid doubt classes.
  • Students can attend puzzles directly from Institute website

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