Let our slogan come true with the collaborative effort of 130 cores Indian citizens

Better India Better World is an initiative started by Studyvita. Developing countries like India cannot expect all the development and charity activities from government alone. This is our humble initiative to bring the participation every citizen in nation building, creating awareness about Environmental conservation and to implement various programs in associations with Governments, NGOs, Schools, Colleges and other organizations.

In this video trainer demonstrate how we are defeating each other.

Now let’s think the other side. What will happen if we help each other. In way no one is independent. Then why don’t we start helping each other. Who is stopping us to help the needy? Friends. if 100 crores of healthy Indians decide to help each other, within a short time period what a beautiful Nation can be built? Why are we expecting everything from Govt. Why are we outsourcing our responsibility to Govt(s). It is time for every citizen to support Govt in nation building.

Sponsor a Student, Sponsor a Teacher

Apply for a Sponsorship

The students who need scholarship for attending the courses can apply after creating a student account in studyvita. Teachers who wish to integrate Hybrid Teaching Learning tools in their classes too can apply for sponsorship, if their salary is too low. We have special schemes for dependents of Teachers, Farmers and Defence personals as a gratitude towards their service to the nation.

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