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OUR USP- 21st Century Techno Pedagogy. Let's Teach 21st Century Students as 21st Century Teachers in 21st Century Institutions using 21st Century Techno-Pedagogy

GREY AREA SUPPORT SYSTEM- Tailored to the Need of Every Child


Third eye examination a must for success in Board and Competitive Examinations.

In school, tuition and coaching mostly same teacher who teaches, the students sets paper and evaluate. But in Board and competitive exam, questions are set by whom? No one knows. Hence third eye exam (diagnostic test) in nature practice helps the students to know whether their all the concepts are clear or not. If not, they can take the help of inbuilt Grey Area Support system or they can take the help of subject experts. Further retest on grey area and adaptive learning practice give a finishing touch for their board and competitive exam. The objective of parents, Teachers, School and Coaching remain same. That is, to get the best result for every student. Next year admission depends on this year result. It is time for the personalized revision for each student, because every child’s learning gaps will be different. Hence studyvita has developed a unique Hybrid Techno-pedagogy which will be a win win win in Education

During the practice, when a student cross 80% knowledge level in a particular chapter, they will be certified as Junior Faculty by Studyvita Subject Expert. Best way of reinforcing learning is to teach others. Such knowledge last for a lifetime. They can start teaching their Juniors or students who are struggling to cope up with that chapter for a charge. The amount will be deposited to students/Parents account after Studyvita’s Platform charges. So, Parents will have double the benefit. Their wards understanding level will improve and a better score will save a lot of capitation fees and their earning can be used as an assistance for their higher studies. So students will Earn while they Learn.

Win Win Win for Students

Earn While You Learn; Improve Your Score

The best way to retain the knowledge acquired for a life time is to teach others. After acquiring the knowledge and certified by studyvita Subject Experts, Students can Teach their Juniors or engage in doubt sessions using Studyvita two way audio video interactive platform for a charge.

A Student is not an independent entity. He/she is supported by Parents, Teachers, Tutor, school/college and coaching classes. Though all of them aim to help him/her to excel in studies, at present student is not able to cope up with the workload given by each of them.
This happens because there is no synchronization between the course, and exams topics in school, tuition and coaching. Instead of one chapter per subject in a week, student is forced to learn three chapters in each subject a week. Hence even the fast learners also find it difficult to find time for self-study. Ultimate result is the overall decline in the student performance, despite parents spending much more than the required. Student needs tuition and coaching. But only for the topics he did not understood while teaching in the school. To full fill this deficit and to get the best out of each student, studyvita has come out with a common neutral platform. This platform measure the knowledge level of each student individually through “Learning Deficiency Test ” and  “Third Eye Assessment” and inform to all the stakeholders so that together we can achieve the common objective. The program is a school support cum after school support system where student need to attend only the topics which he is not clear. Our AI based learning Deficiency test helps to achieve this, and Adaptive Learning Platform helps in bringing Differentiated Teaching because a teacher needs to adopt different strategy to teach Bright, Mediocre and below average students. It helps the student and teachers to save a lot of time and effort. All the stake holders can also be collaborated through Studyvita WhatApp Groups. Let’s use the technology judiciously for a win win win. To maintain the decorum of the group there is an admin approval system incorporated.









Why Even School Toppers who get more than 93% marks in board are not able to get good score in competitive Examination?


Identify the concepts which are not clear with the help of Studyvita Learning Deficiency Test and take the help of Grey Area Support System, our Subject Experts Help and Personalized Retest.

PROCESS FLOW (Students and Parents)

  • step1

    Register as a student in Global Holistic Academy for Free.On enrollment you will be getting the log in credentials in your email.

  • step 2

    When you complete a Chapter through School / studyvita virtual class, tuition or Coaching, Schedule a Test on Demand. Student can schedule it themselves by selecting the subject, chapter(s) and date and time. This test is a Learning Deficiency Test.

  • step 3

    On Submission you will get a Diagnostic report, Stating  what are your Grey Concepts.

  • step 4

    Take help of Grey area Support System. You can use inbuilt Support system or can book a class with subject experts who authored the questions.

  • step 5

    Attend the Virtual Classes (1-1) session or 1to many virtual classes by making online payment. You can also use studyvita digital valet for payment after online recharge.

  • step 6

    After attending the class and revision, Take personalized  retest made by studyvita. If you further make mistakes, a second retest will be developed for the remaining grey area.

  • step 7

    Once all the basic Concept of the chapter is clear, start practicing Adaptive Learning for the chapters for which you have already done the Learning Deficiency Test. Now you will be getting questions with little higher difficulty level. Adaptive Tests are also Diagnostic in Nature. You can rectify the concept gaps with the help of Grey Area Support System.

  • Step 8

    Before Board and Competitive Examinations, Enroll for Third Eye Examination. Third eye examination is designed exactly of Board or competitive examination where you get a feel of final Examination. Third Eye Examinations in studyvita are also Diagnostic in nature. (Descreptive and Objective Tests available)

  • step 8

    You can also attend puzzle of the day and Quiz of the day on studyvita conducted by various faculty or institutions for free on studyvita. This will help you in constant revision of the topics which you have already learned. If you show constant progress you will be getting various prizes also.

  • Step 9

    Once you have acquired sufficienty knowledge, Studyvita Subject Expert will certify as a Junior Faculty. You can start teaching your juniors or classmates for a Fee during spare time. (Optional) Parent's Permission letter required. Your accumulated share will be deposited to the account authorized by the parent. 

  • Step 10

    Attend national competitions organized by studyvita or our associate organization. It will give you an idea about where you stand among the peer group.


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