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A Social Edupreneurial Initiative, Studyvita, is a Comprehensive Online Learning Aggregator Platform, equipped with Advanced Educational Support system that empowers Teachers and Educational Institutions to bring out the best in each student. It does this by acting as a tool for Identifying Learning Gaps, Teaching Gaps and helping to rectify them.

Pleased to introduce you to Studyvita WhatsApp community groups classified into designated roles and functions.To bring in collaboration between various functions and groups in order to acquire and share knowledge and also enable you to more earning opportunity. To maintain decorum and to keep identity of group members, Admin approval system has been implemented to avoid any abuse or misuse. StudyVita ecosystem enable you to conduct virtual classes either One-on-One or One to Many to the registered members through multimedia conferencing facility. As a faculty you are entitled to declare classes and also conduct online tests. Students can be reached out through the WhatsApp group and also though the Studyvita platform.



Whatsapp For Collaborative Teaching Learning

This is an era of collaboration. Studyvita is all set to bring all stake holders of education under one roof. Present Formal Education prepares an individual only for the first half of his life for a living. By the time one reaches the age of 45-50 years, the whole world has changed. How will he acquire the knowledge and skill required to lead a comfortable life in second half? He has to learn it from his kids or students. So, Learning has to be a continuous process through out one’s life. Any one should be ready to teach and learn from any one irrespective of age. Thanks to the Technology. Studyvita has made the Collaborative Teaching Learning a reality where anyone can create any kind of course and deliver through social media platforms like WhatsApp with the help of two way audio video interactive platform. Join our Academic WhatsApp groups -Start Teach, Learn and Earn.

Studyvita Academic WhatsApp Group Rules

  • Hi Welcome to the Studyvita WhatsApp Group.
  • Each group has specific objective as indicated in the name.
  • You can share / seek information related to teaching career, teaching methodology, teaching resources, information about various school boards, Latest developments in Ed-tech and anything related needed for an educator.
  • Do not post messages, images or videos not relevant to the group.
  • Job related posts has to be posted in academic Job Seekers group only.
  • Subject discussion groups are exclusively meant for subject discussion.
  • There are members from different countries and communities in the group.
  • Please make sure that our comments are not hurting anyone in any way. Forwarded messages, Good Morning wishes, religious, political messages etc. are not allowed.
  • Advertisements are restricted.
  • However Limited posts are permitted with prior permission from Admin.
  • Try to avoid very long text messages. 
  • If you want to share any useful information related to academics and useful to others, you may publish it as blog in studyvita. 
  • Interested members may contact admin.
  • Maintaining the decorum of the group is everybody’s responsibility. 
  • If you are facing any trouble from any other group member please contact admin privately.
  • Such people who create problems of any kind to others will be removed from the group without any notice.
  • If issue is found to be serious, intimation will be passed to cyber cell of police.

The content of the email look like this.

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