In school, tuition and coaching classes usually it is the same teacher who teaches, sets the questions, and also evaluates. Though the teacher does his best to challenge the student and bring out the best in him, there always exists a pattern in one’s style of teaching and assessment that becomes obvious after some time. Students usually become familiar with this, and prepare accordingly.

But in Board and Competitive exams, the story is different! The students do not know who sets the questions or evaluates. No one knows! The question styles are different, approach needed is different, and many such variations. No wonder that school toppers struggle to perform equally well in Board and Competitive exams. 

So, what is the solution? The most common solution to these kinds of issues is to bring in fresh eyes and new
perspectives. A kind of Third Eye. Studyvita offers to be the Third Eye Assessment solution to this issue. Its’ exam (diagnostic test) practice, chapter-wise/unit-wise, helps the students to know whether all the concepts are clear to them or not. If unclear, they can take the help of the powerful inbuilt Grey
Area Support System or they can take the help of subject experts. 

Further, retest on the grey areas and adaptive learning practice gives a finishing touch to their holistic preparation board and competitive exam. The objective of parents, Teachers, School, and Coaching Centre remains the same. That
is to get the best result for every student. Next year’s admission depends on this year’s result. It is time for the personalized revision for each student, because every child’s learning gaps will be different. Hence this unique Third Eye Assessment will be a win-win for all stakeholders.

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