Objective: To bring differentiated teaching and personalised learning without altering the traditional teaching learning process

Stage 1: Learn

  • Student can learn from any source. It can be through traditional classroom teaching, online or hybrid mode.

Stage 2: Diagnostic Test

  • Once a chapter is fully learned, student has to take learning deficiency test for that chapter. Learning deficiency test is developed to identify which concepts are clear to the student and which concepts are still grey.

Stage 3: Analyse Diagnostic Report

  • On completion of the test, student will be getting a detailed diagnostic report which contains the micro concept gap analysis, macro concept gap analysis and tips for time management

Stage 4: Grey Area Support System (GASS)

  • Grey area support system helps the student to overcome the grey area with the help of various components like online video lectures, suggested video lectures, ppts, notes, etc. Students can also take the support of chapter expert of his/her choice by requesting for 1-1 class. It also provide an option to attend the virtual classes conducted by teachers across the country. 

Stage 5: Retest on Grey Area

  • A retest will be assigned to student will a different set of questions on the identified grey area to ensure that student has cemented all his/her grey area. If still mistakes are repeated, GASS will be provided to the remaining grey area. A second retest will be created for the remaining topics. This process will be repeated till students are clear with all the concepts. Retest are personalised and will be different for every student as per his understanding level for the specific chapter.

Stage 6: Adaptive Learning

  • After stage 5, student can do further practice tests from adaptive learning platform. Difficulty level of questions will be adapted according to the understanding level of the student identified through the previous learning deficiency tests.

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