Collaborative Teaching Learning
Platform (Faculty Interface)

Two Way Audio-Video Virtual Classes through WhatsApp Groups​

The Perfect Blend of Traditional Teaching and Judicious use of Technology

Giive the added advantage of AI to your WhatsApp Grops. Get the best of your social media contacts. Introduce Personalized Learning and Differentiated Teaching without altering the existing system.


Advanced features like Annual planning, monthly planning, weekly planning, Online Question Paper generation, Collaborative content creation, curation, Test  declaration,  Reports, Edushoppe, Content upload, content allotment to batch ect. can be done from dash board. You can also access more faculty support features from dash board.

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Studyvita Differentiated Teaching Platform will be a boon to Teacher. 1/2
No more one size fit model, after school hours. In a traditional classroom you teach a mixture of different levels of students. In general 10% will be very bright, 20% may be bright, 50% may be mediocre students and rest 20% may be struggling to get passing mark.
Studyvita Differentiated Teaching Platform will be a boon to Teacher. 2/2
You must manage all types of students at the same time. What level of assignment you will give? Even the sincerest teachers also will not be able to give justice to the individual need of every child. Thanks to studyvita differentiated teaching platform. Here after, creating differentiated assignment with a mouse click is now a reality.
Adaptive Test Platform
You need to just declare only adaptive test/assignment. System will develop different levels of questions for each student as per their understanding level in the chapter.
Differentiated Teaching Platform1/2
You will have some chapters/topics which are close to your heart and it give immense pleasure while teaching those chapters and topics. Imagine a scenario where you can teach such topics to the thousands of students in the country and earn better compared to any other profession. In studyvita you can choose your preference level of chapters. No more compulsion that you need to teach all the chapters.
Differentiated Teaching Platform2/2
As a sincere teacher, you need to adapt different strategy for teaching Very Bright, Bright, Mediocre and students who are slow learners. Studyvita has now made it possible. While declaring the virtual class itself you can decide which level of students you want to invite. If you invite Bright students, only bright students will get your invitation from the entire country.
Teaching Pleasure- Unlimited
In studyvita platform you can have immense pleasure in teaching same level of students. Your work satisfaction and family life will improve.
You can introduce Flip classroom model.
Give your Video lectures (if already available in you tube, it can be linked with studyvita platform). Only your registered students will get the access. You can develop Good question bank. assignment video lectures etc and keep in Studyvita Edu Shoppe. For every subscription by other teachers or students you will get royalty.
let your work Earn even when you sleep.
Studyvita will deposit your fees on every 25th of the month after deducting the platform charges.
Studyvita is a collaborative teaching learning platform.
Teachers teaching in the same board and university can collectively create a central pool of educational materials, can curate it, rate it and customize the content pool the way you want to use in your class room.
Studyvita is different from other platforms
In studyvita, you are the master over the technology. You are the right person to decide what to teach, how to teach, when to teach and what to show to students and what not to show.
Online question paper generator
You can create descriptive and objective types of question papers and assignment within few minutes. Question usage history for a batch is stored, Online question paper generator will make a difference in the way you teach, earn and live.
Proxy Manager
Most of you may not be liking to go for the proxy period. If your school become an associate school of studyvita, Studyvita proxy management system can help to get the domain experts or experts from the parents of the institution or the subject experts from the local region/online to handle those classes.
Appointment Manager
You can decide when you want the parents to visit you. Surprise parental visit will not be productive. If you are taking the class, the whole class will suffer. So here after parents can request an appointment with you and you can approve their appointment so that the meeting will be more productive.

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