• Can Integrate with Streaming/Conference Platforms (Zoom, Webex etc)
  • Automatic Attendance Recording
  • Can Conduct Free/Paid Webinar (Payment Gateway Integrated)
  • No Upfront Payment, We Work on Income Sharing Basis
  • Support from Better India Better World Ambassadors for Marketing
  • Can Provide Pre or Post Reading Materials (PPT, PDF and Weblinks)
  • Can Conduct Private or Public Webinars
  • Can Conduct Customized Polls/Survey (Pre, During or Post Webinar)
  • Webinar for Protected WhatsApp Group members (Admin approved)
  • VOD: (Allot Recorded Video for Selected Users for specific time)
  • Participation certificate can be Provided (Automated)
  • Follow Up Webinars can be Arranged Periodically for Attendees
  • Host can email Previous Participants Regarding Follow up Webinar.
  • Host can Intimate 1-1 Meeting Schedules to Attendees
  • 1-1 Post Webinar Meeting Through Appointment Manager.
  • Sponsorship Facility Available for Webinars
  • WhatsApp Chat/Call with Organizer from Registration Link (Opitonal)
  • Participants can view Organizer's Profile.
  • Webinar Creative Can be Embedded With Invitation Link
  • Easy Tracking of Webinar Registrations and Payment Details
  • Draw can be organized at beginning, during or at end of Webinar,
  • Can offer Special Discount on Offline or Online Courses of Host

Expression of Interest to Conduct Webinar/Workshop/Programs

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