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If Purpose of Education is to Mould Global Successful Citizens who can thrive any adversities and Lead a Successful life anywhere in the world, let’s take educating the future generation as a Collaborative Responsibility of all the Stakeholders

Pay when you earn options (Annual Fees Rs. 1499/- (No Auto Deduction)

Program for the Month of November


Let's Identify and fill the Learning Gaps Together

The Holistic Development of a Learner needs a Balanced Approach, Support and Monitoring

Why to join Studyvita Mentor Club?

“What is certain is future is uncertain” is what Pandemic Taught us. Income from Job or Business may not be stable.  Are you prepared to  face such an unexpected phase in your life? Hence, apart from regular income from job or  business, it is always better to have a second source of income. 

Every individual is blessed with a unique talent. Currently those talents are restricted only to a niche. Let’s give wings to those talents through the power of social media so that it can reach to thousands of needy citizens. In the process, you are not only serving the country but will be earning too. 

Studyvita, the Hybrid Teaching Learning and Earning Platform is designed to help every citizen to productively utilize inherent talent to serve the masses that helps for earning too. It is  a platform for any one to Teach, Learn, and Earn irrespective of their age. You can engage in teaching learning process of Academic, Non-Academic or Skill Enrichment programmes.

We have different  Programmess as per the requirement of every Individual. The major programmes are : Global Holistic Academy, Teachers for Teachers, Associated Academies, Ambassador Programme (Student Ambassador, Parent Ambassador, Teacher Ambassador, Faculty Ambassador, Digital Ambassador and Campus Ambassador). Let’s Teach, Let’s Learn, and Let’s Earn.

Studyvita is Equipped with all the hybrid educational tools to improve your productivity and support you for the success

A transparent triple income arrangement for all club members by conducting programs, sale of original work and recommending others programs


  • No huge upfront payment
  • Affordable investment (Rs.1499/- to start earning by conducting and recommending various Programs among the community. 
  • If you want to start your own  personal virtual academy on Studyvita you may contact us on info@studyvita.com
  • You can start sharing your knowledge, skill, expertise or talent to anyone across the country/world and earn handsome return.
  • You can be a part of the nation development.
  • You can use your spare time productively.
  • You can always remain in touch with your friends, colleagues, Ex students etc.
  • You can engage them from any where across the world through Interactive platform.
  • It saves a lot of time, energy and expense. 

Income from Conducting and Recommending Webinars is more than what you think

SECRET to success is in knowing WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW

Our Third Eye Diagnostic Test Platform can HELP YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW

Every teacher has different expertise. No single teacher can teach all chapters…

Topic Experts will clear your doubts at Studyvita


Our Mentorship helps you for the Simultaneous Improvement in all Three Subjects

Based on a Single Concept, Questions can be asked in different ways

Practice with Questions set by Thousands of Teachers

Third Eye Assessment Provide you a chance to practice questions set by unknown Examiners as in case of Final Exam Conducted by NTA

Prevention is better than cure. Identify your weaker concepts (Learning Gaps) beforehand and cement them before final exams with the help of Personalized Grey Area Support System (GASS)

MBBS selections under 100 State Rank

Studyvita Supports the Full Learning Cycle through our 21st Century Techno Pedagogy


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