Listen to Dr. Deepak Vohra, Former Ambassador of India on how India is Blessed with its Youth.

A Developing Country like India with the kind of Population it has, cannot expect all the Developmental Activities only from Govt. Citizen has Rights. Mean while we have Responsibility too.

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Young Citizens & Young Teachers of India

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Today’s India is proud to have the largest young population. Time really goes very fast. It is time to use your energy in a productive way for the nation building and betterment of mankind. If you do it India will really become a superpower by 2030. If you fail to do it, after 50 years India will have the largest old population with largest liability.

We at Studyvita, invite the millennials and young teachers to be a part of Govt’s and other citizen’s efforts in nation building. You can do so by participating in various projects designed by Studyvita. These programs are mainly designed with an aim to reduce the repetition of work, time, effort and expenses of any organization or individual and there by helping to improve productivity and income. As we are getting enquiry pan India from schools and organizations, we wish to implement it across the country by empowering millennials, and Educators. We are in the process of identifying the right individuals for the implementation of these solutions nationwide.

Some of our ongoing and upcoming projects are “My Teacher My Inspiration, National Quizinga, Third Eye Assessment and Grey Area Support System, Better India Better World, Serve Better Earn Better, etc.

We need youth and teachers as Campus Ambassadors, Digital Ambassadors and Nodal Officers for the coordination of the various programs at your local region on income sharing basis. Final Year Graduates also can participate as interns.

B.Ed Students can join as Trainee Teachers. Required Training and Certificate will be provided by Studyvita (Edutech Educational Services Pvt Ltd). On successful completion of the training and field work, suitable candidates will be considered for placement in our company or any of the associated schools or organizations. The nature of work may be online, offline or a combination of both. You can also become a junior faculty and ‘Earn while you Learn’ once certified by our subject experts. Since you start earning, you can reduce your dependence on parents, become independent and try to support your parents too.

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Youth and Teachers can take part in the following  ongoing and upcoming programs on studyvita and earn handsome remuneration too.
We are in the process of identifying the Head of Operation and Nodal officers for each of the project from the youth and Teachers

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